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Thomas Donley
Photography/Filmmaking/Creative Coaching

Thomas Donley is a New York City based photographer.  He has been shooting for over 20 years:  from Madison Square Garden to the Shuar tribe in the Ecuadorian jungle; from film sets in Vancouver, B.C. to Charleston, S.C.; product launches to corporate events; to the wild underground party scene in NYC.  He has freelanced and done projects for publications including The New York Times, Time Out NY and Life Magazine.

Earlier in his career, Donley has also spent time embedded within the indie film worlds of production & distribution, working on the sets of veteran filmmakers Brian DePalma and Oliver Stone as well as several years on the staff of the pioneering indie film distributor, United Artists Classics (The Last Waltz, Diva, Entre Nous).  He was the in-house photographer for Lightstone Productions, the creative home of filmmaker Demian Lichtenstein and Mr. Lichtenstein brought Donley onto the set of his film 3000 Miles to Graceland to take behind-the-scenes photographs of Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Courteney Cox and Christian Slater.  Most recently he was production photographer for the film Beautiful People, a documentary about Irish seisiuns music on the lower east side of Manhattan, NYC. Donley has also taken on the role of Producer & Director for an ongoing documentary film project about the Hollywood blacklist of the 40's & 50's and the creative issues surrounding it, centering on the renown character actor, Howard da Silva.  In the process, Donley has interviewed many actors, directors and artists, including:  Ruby Dee, Pete Seeger, Ed Asner, Martin Ritt, John Houseman and Howard da Silva.

Thomas Donley has a B.A. in film and theater from Sarah Lawrence College. He has been a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) since 2002, and has been serving on the Board of the New York Chapter of ASMP, being its Membership Chair from 2009-2015 and now serving as its President since 2015.


(photo of Thomas Donley by Rod Goodman)